What to teach?

The following topics are merely suggestions based on the previous experience of past teachers.  As a participant, you are free to develop your own materials, activities, and topics to present.  The topics below represent some of the interests that students have expressed and can help guide you.

Topics presented by previous participants:
  • Israeli history (e.g. foundation of the state)
  • Israeli-Arab (Palestinian) conflict
  • Israeli school system
  • Israeli culture
Sample Questions for Israeli teachers from German students:
  • Where do you live in Israel?
  • Are you living in a war zone? Can you go out safely at night?
  • How is life different from life in Germany?
  • What's Jerusalem like?
  • What is working in Israel like (e.g. salary, insurance, finding a job, job security)
  • Which wars have there been in Israel?
  • How much of Israel is desert?
  • What's the story behind Israel s flag?
  • What is the background of the conflict between Israel and Hamas?
  • On which side are you: the Israeli or the Palestinian side?
  • Are you Jewish, Christian or Muslim? How do the different religions get along with each other?
  • Are you Jewish? Can you tell us something about the Jewish religion?
  • How many Jews are there worldwide?
  • Are you strict about your religion?
  • Why do members of the different religions fight each other?
  • What do you think about nuclear weapons? Should Israel have nuclear weapons?
  • To what continent does Israel belong? Asia, Africa or Europe? 
  • How did Israel develop as a nation?
  • What's your opinion towards the Middle East conflict?  Is there a chance for peace?
  • Has there been a change after the elections in Israel?
  • What does the school system in Israel look like?
  • Can you play us some Israeli songs? What's your favourite music?
  • In how far does the Holocaust still play an important role in Israel / people's lives?
  • What do Jewish people think about Germany today?

Topics presented by previous participants:
  • German history (e.g. fall of the Berlin Wall)
  • German perception of the Holocaust
  • German school system
  • German culture (e.g. music, past-times)
Sample Questions for German teachers from Israeli students:
  • Are there many Jewish people in Germany?
  • How are the schools in Germany different from those in Israel?
  • What role does football play in German society?
  • What are some German cuisines and eating/drinking habits?
  • Why was Germany divided after WW2?
  • How does the government system work in Germany?
  • What is the weather/climate in Germany?
  • What do Germans think about the Holocaust?
  • How do Germans feel about Jewish people?
  • What type of music to German students listen to?
  • What are major sites in Germany to visit?
  • What role does religion play in Germany?'
  • What do young people do in Germany during their free time?
  • Does anti-semitism exist today?
  • How does Leo Baeck compare to your school?