Program Details

What is the aim of the program?
The aim of the program is to foster cross-cultural understanding between Israeli and German teachers and students by giving students the chance to speak with teachers from the opposite country.  

What do I do?
During your 3 week visit, the teacher exchangee visits a school on a daily basis and teaches class there during the school day.  After school hours and on weekends, the exchangee takes part in social activities and tours cultural sites. 
Where do I stay?
Exchangees are accomodated at local hotels, hostels, or in some cases with their teacher host.  

How are the exchange participants funded?
Exchangees are required to pay for their flight to the other country.  They are given a stipend for accomodation, transport, and food for the duration of their stay.  

What are teacher exchangee's responsibilities to the program?
The responsibilities an exchangee extends before and after the actual visit.  Before the visit, he/she has to prepare material to present about their country.  During the exchange, they will visit class and oftentimes be invited to present on various topics.  After the visit, they are responsible to host a teacher counterpart during the opposite part of the exchange.  

What do I need to do to host?
As a host, your responsibility is to prepare a schedule for the visiting teacher.  This includes informing the school community of the host's visit, arranging classes for him/her to visit, suggesting sites during their stay, and being attentive to their needs so they can have as positive an experience as possible.